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Articles: Finding Print Journal Subscriptions: Getting a Print Article or Book from the BARN


Articles Available in Print Format

These instructions cover how to request an article from the BARN (the library's on-site storage).

Let's say for example, you need the following article:

article: Growing Tubers in the Tip of Idaho
journal: Spudman
volume/year: volume 41, year 2003

  1. Open the library catalog by clicking the Library Catalog button in the upper left corner of the library website.

  2. Enter the title of the magazine or journal in which your article is located. Choose Title from the "Keyword" drop-down box, choose Journal Titles from the "Logan Campus Libraries" dropdown and then click the Search button.
    image of journal search boxes

  3. After you run a search, you will see an entry for your journal if the library has a subscription. In this case, the catalog shows we have several records for Spudman but they all refer back to the same journal.
    image of journal result list

  4. Confirm that our subscription covers the date and volume or issue you need. We have a print subscription to Spudman from 1999 - 2008, so we're all set, since we need a volume from 2003.
    image of journal record

  5. Scroll down the list of volumes to the find the specific volume you need, which in this case is volume 41 from 2003 Click the ARS Request link.image of journal volume list

  6. You should see a page titled ASRS Request. Enter your name in the textbox and click Submit.
    image of request form

  7. You now see a note telling you that your item has been requested. You can check out the journal for 2 days, but the fines are steeper for overdue journals than regular books, so for your sake, be sure to get it back on time!
    image of requst confirmation


    Can't find an article you need? If we don't have an electronic or print subscription, you can request the article for free through InterLibrary Services.

    Accessing Books in Storage (the BARN)

    Books from the BARN

    1. In addition to print journals, a handful of books are located in the BARN. An example is the book Schoolhouse in the Clouds. Enter the title of the book you need in the online catalog search box.
      image of catalog search page

    2. We see that we have one copy of this book available in the BARN (on-site storage). To get this book out of storage, click the ARS Request link.
      image of book record

    3. You should go to a page titled ASRS Request. Enter your name in the textbox and click request page

    4. After you request the book, you will receive a confirmation. Note: books need to picked up at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor.
      image of requst confirmation

    Can't find a book you need? You can request it for free through Interlibrary Services. You can also ask us to purchase the book for the collection.

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