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This guide provides information about how to find ebrary titles in the library catalog, how to navigate and search within an ebrary ebook, and how to download part or all of an ebrary ebook.

Searching and Browsing

There are a few different ways to access our collection of ebooks on the ebrary platform.

Most likely, you will encounter ebrary ebooks when you are searching our library's catalog or in Encore (the 'Search Everything' tab on the library's homepage).  If you are searching for books on a certain topic or a for specific title in ebook format you will want to perform an advanced search so you can select the format or type of material.  In Encore (the image on the left) you will need to select 'Electronic Book' for the format, and in the library catalog you will need to set the type to 'eBooks.'

Electronic Book search in Encore         eBook search in library catalog

When you find an item that interests you, if it is part of the ebrary collection the record will look something like this:

ebrary record in Encore    Encore

ebrary record in library catalog   library catalog

Click on the link to access the book online, as highlighted in the images above.   Now you are ready to read, search within, download, or print your book (outlined in the box below).

You may also wish to browse the ebrary titles that we offer.  To do this, visit our ebrary homepage where you can browse by topic or view a list of subject areas.

When accessing an ebook or the ebrary collection from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter you A-number and password.


The ebrary platform is easy to navigate.  You can click through the book one page at a time by using the right and left arrows above the text, or you can jump to a specific page using the page number box to the right side of the navigation bar.  Simply type in the page number you want, and hit the enter key.  You can also navigate to the beginning of a chapter or section by clicking on the name of the section in the table of contents panel.

Printing and Downloading

You may print (or print to PDF) portions of ebrary ebooks.  Typically, you have the option to print a single page, a chapter or section, or a specified range of pages (up to 60 pages).  When printing, you can choose to send your selection to a printer (for a paper copy) or to a PDF file (for an electronic copy saved on your computer). 

Printing in ebrary           Printing page ranges in ebrary

Print to PDF in ebrary

If you wish to directly download PDF files of page ranges or chapters (without using the round-about 'print to PDF' method), you will need to create an ebrary account and log in, then use the download button to download a PDF.  (You will create a username and password of your choosing - this ebrary account is not related to your USU A# and password).

sign in to ebrary   download button in ebrary  

Certain titles can be downloaded in full, as one file, instead of one chapter at a time.  These are titles that have been licensed for multiple simultaneous users.  Other books in the ebrary collection are licensed for only one user at a time, and these cannot be downloaded full-text.  You can recognize a single-user title by the 'Release title' button in the navigation bar.  It is courteous to other library users to click on that button when you are done viewing the ebook.  Otherwise, once you navigate away from ebrary, it will take several minutes for your session to time out before the book is available again.

Release Title button in ebrary

To download the full-text EPUB format ebook (when available), you will first need to install Adobe Digital Editions (free software available online).  For more information about Adobe Digital Editions, see the OverDrive LibGuide.

Once you have installed the software, sign in to your ebrary account and click the download button.  Select the option 'Download the entire document for 14 days in Adobe Digital Editions format'.  When the download is complete, Adobe Digital Editions should launch the book automatically.  If that does not happen, you can find the file in your 'downloads' folder.  The ebook will automatically expire at the end of the specified time period.

ebrary download entire book

Mobile Devices

If you have a Kindle, you can use it to read PDF files that you have downloaded.  Simply email the files to your Kindle email account, and they will appear on your Kindle the next time you sync the content.  If you don't know your Kindle email address, visit your Amazon account.  Under 'Digital Content', select 'Manage Your Kindle' and then 'Manage Your Devices'.

You may also view PDF files on your iPad.  Download the free Adobe Reader App from the App Store, and then download the file directly to your iPad using the iPad's Safari browser, following the procedures outlined above to find, navigate, and download.  Alternately, email the PDF to yourself from your computer.  Open the email on your iPad, and then touch and hold your finger on the icon for the PDF file you wish to open.  Select the 'Open In' option and choose 'Adobe Reader'.

open pdf from email on ipad                      open pdf from email on iPad

If you wish to download the entire ebook to your iPad, you will need to download the free ebrary app from the App Store.  When you first download the app, you will need to open the Safari browser (on your iPad) and navigate to ebrary via the USU library website.  From there, sign in to your ebrary account so that the app will recognize you as an authorized USU library user.  Then, go back to the ebrary app and enter your ebrary username and password on the opening screen.  Next, you will be prompted to enter your Adobe ID login information, and then you will be ready to use the app.  If you don't have an Adobe ID, you can get one here.

You can search for and download ebrary books from our collection directly through the app.  Alternately, you may download an ebrary ebook from Safari on your iPad.  For example, if you are searching the library catalog using Safari on your iPad, you may discover an ebrary ebook that you wish to download.  Navigate to the ebook just as you would on a computer using the steps outlined in the boxes above.  Sign in to your ebrary account, then select the download button and choose the 'download entire document' option.  From the download screen that appears, select the option to open in ebrary.  Your ebrary app will launch and display the book.

ebrary download button on iPad     ebrary download entire book on iPad

open ebook in ebrary app on iPad

Soon, ebrary will be releasing a similar app for Android devices.

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