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Books: Science ebooks: Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, IEEE Xplore, and EngNetBase

This guide will teach you how to search for, navigate, and download ebooks from the Elsevier Science Direct, Wiley InterScience Online Library, SpringerLink , IEEE Xplore, and EngNetBase ebook collections.

Searching and Browsing

Elsevier ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library, and SpringerLink are three sizeable collections of ebooks on science topics.  IEEE Xplore and EngNetBase are two small collections of engineering ebooks.

In general, these are not browsing collections.  More thank likely, you will search our library's catalog for books on a given science topic, and you will happen upon a title in one of these collections, especially if you are searching specifically for an ebook.  To limit your search to ebooks, perform an advanced search in Encore or the regular library catalog.  Enter the title or subject for which you are searching and, in Encore, limit the format to Electronic Book.   Or, in the catalog, limit the type to eBook.

Electronic Book format search in Encore    ebook Type search in library catalog

Once you have found the book you wish to read, click on the green access link in Encore or the green 'Online Access' button in the library catalog and you can begin reading your selection.  The wording in the links will vary depending on the collection to which the ebook belongs.

science ebooks online access in Encore

catalog ebook access

When accessing an ebook from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter you A-number and password.

Navigating, Downloading, and Printing

Once you have located an ebook in our catalog and found yourself on one of the platforms listed above, navigating, downloading, and printing are quite easy. 

In Elsevier ScienceDirect, you will see a list of all the sections and chapters in the book, with a PDF file for each item on the list.  To read any section, simply click on the PDF icon and the item will open up in Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer you may have installed on your computer or in your browser.  From there, you may choose to save the PDF to your computer or print the file.

The Wiley Online Library is similar to Elsevier.  You will see a list of all the chapters and sections, and must open the PDF file for any section you wish to read.  Again, this PDF may load in your browser window or it may open PDF reader software such as Adobe, depending on the software and browser plug-ins you may have installed.  If you would like, you can choose to download or print the PDF once it has opened.

SpringerLink is a bit different.  The default display when you first view a SpringerLink ebook is a 'look inside' view that allows you to scroll through the pages of the book right in your browser window.  This view also displays thumbnails of nearby pages and allows you to zoom or jump to a specific page number.

SpringerLink look inside menu    SpringerLink navigation bar

To download chapters in SpringerLink, click on the 'Contents' button above the list of chapters on the left side of the page.  Then you will see a list of chapters and sections to be downloaded in PDF format, at which point the procedures for downloading, saving, or printing are the same as those outlined above.

SpringerLink contents menu

IEEE Xplore functions like Elsevier and Wiley.  The page will first display publisher information and an abstract or summary of the book.  Scroll down to view the table of contents, and click to view the PDF for the chapter you wish to read.  As stated above, this PDF will open in your browser or in PDF reader software, and you can then download or print the PDF if you need to.

EngNetBase follows the same pattern.  Each chapter and section opens in a separate PDF that you can read, download and save, or print.

Mobile Devices

Kindle users may download chapter or section PDFs and email them to the Kindle's email account.  The next time you sync your device, the file will appear.  If you don't know your Kindle email address, visit your Amazon account.  Under 'Digital Content', select 'Manage Your Kindle' and then 'Manage Your Devices'.

iPad users may download PDFs to read in the Adobe Reader App.  The file may open in your browser window, with the option to 'Open in...' displaying in the top right corner.  Touch the 'Open in...' button and select Adobe Reader. 

iPad open PDF in Adobe Reader

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