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E-Books: Library E-Book Collections

This guide provides an overview of the eBook platforms we offer at the Merrill-Cazier Library. It addresses finding, navigating, and downloading books to your devices.


Robert Heaton
My Phone: 435-797-8042
Library Info Desk: 435-797-2678


This guide is maintained by Robert Heaton and was generously created by Connie Woxland. Please contact either of us with feedback or questions related to its content.

How Do I Find E-books?

You can find library-owned e-books by searching in the library catalog.

E-books come from many different publishers, and different publishers have different restrictions and methods for reading and downloading their books. Below you will find general instructions for finding and viewing e-books through the library. Find more specific instructions for downloading and printing e-books via the tabs on the left (these tabs are organized by e-book publisher).


1. On the library home page, search for e-books in the main search box.



2. To limit your results to only e-books, click the Ebooks link below Format on the left side of the page.



3. Below the title of the book you would like to view, click the "available online" or "click to access" button.