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E-Learning Resources Instructions: Airtable: Interactive Niche Academy Database Tutorials

Niche Academy Interactive Database Tutorials

Niche Academy tutorials walk students step-by-step through how to search within a database. They include interactive components throughout that require students complete searches in the database. They are a great alternative to in-class library instruction and can be integrated into your Canvas course with autograding.

These tutorials can integrate directly into Canvas grade books. When you integrate them into your Canvas course they auto-grade upon completion making it easy to hold your students accountable for completion. Alternatively, you can simply send students a link to the tutorial and ask them to complete it. In this version, students can screenshot a Certificate of Completion at the end of the tutorial if you would like proof of completion.

Instructions for Creating Niche Academy Interactive Database Assignments

1. Go to “Assignments” in Canvas
2. Create an Assignment and name it
3. Set point value
4. Under "Submission Type" select "External Tool"
5. Click the "Find" button and search for "Niche Academy" on the Tools List
6. Read through the list for the name of the tutorial you are looking for. Click "Select" on the sought-after tutorial.
7. Set a due date and click "Save."