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E-Learning Resources Instructions: Airtable: Videos & Guides

Videos & Guides Description

Videos and quick how-to guides are online resources available 24/7 to support  students in discovering discipline-related resources and learning research skills and concepts. These cover topics like:

  • Citing Sources
  • Searching in specific database (PsycINFO, PubMed, Academic Search Ultimate, etc)
  • Conducting Literature Reviews
  • Picking keywords or topics 

We can embed these materials in your Canvas course, in a Library Research Guide, or just send them to your students as a resource to consult. 

Librarians can also create customized instructional videos for instructors to utilize in the classroom or online. Contact Teagan Eastman ( or Erin Davis ( for assistance.

Videos Instructions

Instructions for Embedding a Video in Canvas

  1. Open the video you'd like to utilize.
  2. Copy the URL
  3. Go to your Canvas course and to the page, announcement, or assignment, where you'd like to post the video.
  4. Paste the URL. 
  5. You can edit whether or not you'd like there to be a "preview" of the video.
  6. If you'd like help embedding a video in your course, contact Teagan Eastman (

Quick How To Guide Instructions

Instructions for Using Quick How To Guides

These guides can be used in a few ways:

  • Sent out as links to students who need assistance (i.e with citing, picking keywords, etc) - simply send the link! 
  • You can ask your librarian to embed specific guides as links in your Research Guide based on assignment requirements - email your librarian! 
  • You can embed the guides as links in your Canvas course.