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Article Galaxy Scholar: How to Use

This guide provides an overview of the Article Galaxy Scholar tool and how to use it to access full-text scholarly articles.

What is Article Galaxy Scholar?

Article Galaxy Scholar (AGS) works with Article Linker to help connect USU students, staff, and facility with scholarly articles from journals the Library does not subscribe to, and does this in three different ways described below.

PDF copy of an article

When searching for scholarly articles  in search platforms like Quick SearchScopus, and EBSCO, you may see results that have a Check for Full Text or Article Linker option:

Encore search result showing "Check for Full Text" Option

Selecting Check for Full Text prompts our Article Linker service to try and find access to the article by matching against the article's title, author, DOI, and so on. If Article Linker checks for access and the Library does not have a direct subscription to the article’s journal, you may see a page like this:

Article Linker results page including the get article feature

Selecting Get Article will open a new window where AGS will attempt to provide access to the article. If AGS has access to the article, you will see this page:

Article Galaxy Scholar asking for email address to proceed

Only USU students, staff, and faculty can use the AGS tool to get articles, and so you must enter an email address to proceed. If you do not have an email address, you will need to use interlibrary loan to access the article. 

Once you enter your email, you will then be asked to confirm your request for the article. Once you confirm, AGS will send an email to your email address within an hour with a message containing a link to a PDF copy of the article. The email will look like this:

Email from article galaxy scholar with link to PDF

Following the link in the email opens this page:

AGS article download and agreement not to violate copyright law applicable to the article

This page simply lets you know that the article you are receiving may be protected by copyright. Selecting Accept & Download Document will prompt the article to download. You will now have a PDF copy of the article!

An open-access version of the article

The instructions above describe the process for accessing a PDF copy of an article when AGS has access to the article's journal. However, AGS is also set up to connect users to open access versions of articles when available. If AGS detects that an open access version of the article is available, then when you select Get Article you will see this page:

                Article Galaxy Scholar providing open access

By selecting Go to Open Access, AGS will then open a new tab with an open access version of the article. If the link does not work or if the open access version of the article is not the one you wanted, you can select Link didn't work and you will be prompted to enter your email address and go through the steps described in the section above to receive a PDF copy of the article.



An interlibrary loan request

In cases where AGS does not have access to the article's journal, and there does not appear to be an open access version of the article, when you select Get Article you will see this page:

Article Galaxy Scholar Interlibrary Loan option

By selecting Go to Interlibrary Loan, AGS will send you to USU's Interlibrary Loan service ILLiad. To access USU's Interlibrary Loan service, you will be prompted to log in with your A# and Banner password.

USU's Illiad log in page

After logging in, you will then see the Interlibrary Loan Article Request form - with some fields filled in with information from AGS.

USU's Article Request Form


After filling in the rest of the form, click Submit Request and our Resource Sharing and Document Delivery staff will work to get you a copy of the article, if possible.