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ReadCube: List of Nature titles included

Using ReadCube for quick access to Nature journals and as a citation manager

List of titles

List of titles active in ReadCube
Title Print ISSN Online ISSN
Nature Clinical Practice Neurology 1745-834X 1745-8358
Nature Geoscience 1752-0894 1752-0908
Nature Immunology 1529-2908 1529-2916
Nature Medicine 1078-8956 1546-170X
Nature Methods 1548-7091 1548-7105
Nature Nanotechnology 1748-3387 1748-3395
Nature Neuroscience 1097-6256 1546-1726
Nature Photonics 1749-4885 1749-4893
Nature Physics 1745-2473 1745-2481
Nature Reviews Cancer 1474-175X 1474-1768
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 1474-1776 1474-1784
Nature Reviews Endocrinology 1759-5029 1759-5037
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology 1759-5045 1759-5053
Nature Reviews Genetics 1471-0056 1471-0064
Nature Reviews Immunology 1474-1733 1474-1741
Nature Reviews Microbiology 1740-1526 1740-1534
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 1471-0072 1471-0080
Nature Reviews Neurology 1759-4758 1759-4766
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 1471-003X 1471-0048


In general, journals activated in USU's ReadCube system include all years and all articles. The Library pays a fee for each article accessed—with PDF downloading costing more than the other access options—so we are exploring the feasibility of supplementing our e-journal subscriptions with this model.

List of our other active Nature titles

We also have regular subscriptions to other Nature titles. These may be found in the Journals list or by searching the Library Catalog. We have full subscriptions to these titles, so they are not available in ReadCube:

  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Heredity
  • Journal of Antibiotics
  • Nature
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • Nature Cell Biology
  • Nature Chemical Biology
  • Nature Chemistry
  • Nature Climate Change
  • Nature Genetics
  • Nature Materials
  • Nature Protocols