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ECN/APEC 2010: Types of Articles

Tips for finding economics related articles for your research assignments. [APEC/ECN|2010]

Article: Reporting the Facts

Lays out the facts about an issue. The typical “who, what, when, where, how” of an issue.

Example: Home Prices Declined at Record Pace in October

Article: Analyzing the Facts

Article will usually be longer than an article simply reporting the facts. Contains expert analysis of what is happening. For example: not just how many houses have gone into foreclosure, but some of the underlying reasons for the mortgage crisis.

Example: Itching to Act, Unsure What to Do


Essay containing the opinion of the writer, who usually has expertise in the topic of the article. Typically editorials are written about current news topics or current events.

Example: Housing Goals We Can't Afford

Letter to the Editor

Short letter or note, expressing author’s opinion about a recent news story. Author typically does not have any particular expertise in the topic. If the author is an expert on the topic, their affiliation will usually be listed (such as the chairman of a major mortgage lender writing a letter about the decline in home prices).

Example: The Roots of the Housing Crisis