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CMST 4140: Policy / Law Resources

[CMST|4140|Kaitlin Phillips]

Identifying a Policy or Law

For your assignment, you need to find a policy or law at the federal or state level that has some connection to families.

Finding Details: Searching a Government Database

Once you have a policy in mind or to explore ideas, you can search government databases to find more information. Click the blue arrow for a help guide on searching GovInfo.


Use Google to Search for Government Documents.

Google can be a powerful tool to find documents on government websites. Use "" to precede your search terms to find government agency sites that pertain to your topic. Placing your search terms in quotation marks may help as well. Need additional help? Ask a Librarian.

Finding Details: Searching Agency Sites

The following links to federal and Utah state agencies can help you either identify potential policies related to families or research information about a known policy.