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Canvas Tutorials

These tutorials have active learning components can be embedded into an instructor's Canvas course. Quizzes and assignments can be assigned point values. Email to embed in Canvas!

Interactive Database Tutorials (Guide on the Side)

These interactive database tutorials require students search in the database throughout the tutorial. There are quizzes and guided searches throughout and a certificate of completion at the end. To utilize one of these tutorials simply copy and paste the link into an assignment in your course. You can also integrate these tutorials directly into your Canvas grade book by emailing

Database Tutorials (How Do I...?)

These database tutorials are comprehensive how to's that instruct students on how to complete specific tasks within a library database/tool. These tutorials are great for students who have specific questions about a database. To use these in your course simply copy and paste the URL into your course or send the URL to a student who needs it.

Instructional Videos

These videos can be embedded in an instructors Canvas course or in a LibGuide. This is not an exhaustive list. If you do not see a video for a topic you are interested in visit our YouTube page to view all our videos or ask Niki Fullmer. 


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