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MBA Students: Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Management Topics

What are Peer-Reviewed Articles?

Peer-reviewed, also called scholarly articles, are papers that describe a research study.

Why are peer-reviewed articles useful?

These articles are in-depth reports of original research, and they have been reviewed by other experts before they are accepted for publication.

How do you identify scholarly or peer-reviewed articles?

  • They are usually fairly lengthy – most likely at least seven-ten pages.
  • The authors and their credentials should be identified, at least the company or university where the author is employed.
  • There is typically a list of References or Works Cited at the end of the paper, listing the sources that the authors used in their research. Occasionally you'll find the sources listed throughout the paper.

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

How do you find them?

The following library databases are a good place to start:

Business Source Premier: includes peer-reviewed articles and other magazine articles related to business and management.
**The video below covers the steps for searching for peer-reviewed articles in Business Source Complete.**

Scopus: includes only peer-reviewed articles on a range of business (and other) topics.

Another option for searching for scholarly articles is Google Scholar: a free database. If you use Google Scholar off-campus, see instructions for linking your search results to the library's full-text journal subscriptions.

Limiting to Peer-Reviewed Articles: Business Source Complete

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