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MUSC 1310: Intro to Music Therapy: Find full text of articles


Finding PDFs of Articles

Here are some options for easily accessing articles through our library subscriptions

  • Copy/paste our proxy prepend before the URL of what you’re trying to access. This will try to route the page through our library subscriptions:
  •  Install the Lean Library browser extensionThis tool that alerts you when online content is available through the library while you are doing your research both on and off-campus. Lean Library works no matter how you do your research: through Google, library databases, or following links from your professor.

  • Sync your Google Scholar profile with USU Libraries’ subscriptions. You can then search for an article and see our PDFs in your results.

  • Search for a specific article in our journal subscriptions. Follow the steps outlined in the box below.
  • Place a request through InterLibrary Loan. If we ever don’t have a PDF of an article, we’ll get it for you through InterLibrary Loan (free-to-you, with a 1-2 business day turnaround time for articles).


Finding Specific Articles

How To Find a Specific Article

1. If you have the citation of an article and you want to find a copy of it, using the journal title to find the article is typically the best way to go. NOTE: Each journal will look a little different, but the basic steps will be the same. 

For example, let's find this article:

Conner, J. (2014). Lessons that last: Former youth organizers’ reflections on what and how they learned. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 23(3), 447-484.


2. The title of the journal we will be looking for is Journal of the Learning Sciences. Go to the library website's journals list. You can access this from the homepage under Find --> Journals, Magazines & Newspapers. 


3. Enter the title of the journal and click search. In this case, the title is Journal of Learning Sciences.


4. If the library has the journal, pay close attention to the dates each option provides access to. In this case, we're looking for an article from 2014, so the first link won't work for us. We need to choose an option that includes 2014.

5. Next, you'll be taken to a website where you can access the journal. Search the title of the article in the top search box: "Lessons that last: Former youth organizers’ reflections on what and how they learned." NOTE: Make sure you are searching "This Journal" in the drop-down menu, since many vendors provide access to several journals. If you have trouble, try entering fewer words from the article title, or search the author's name.


6. Click on the article title.

click on the article title

You can read it online or download the PDF.

download pdf

7. If you want to read more from this journal, you can browse by specific issue or search across multiple issues by keyword.