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English 2010 Lesson Plans: Face to Face

The English 2010 Library Curriculum

What we do:  We partner every section of English 2010 with a librarian.  This site highlights our approach to helping students with three major learning goals:  
1.) Helping students learn how to evaluate information.

2) Helping students learn how to investigate a topic.

2.) Helping students learn how to synthesize the information they find in order to contribute to the conversation themselves.

We are very flexible!  We can adapt these lessons or work out something specific to your goals.  We find that the three concepts highlighted here are areas students struggle with and we have had success in teaching them new strategies to help develop these research skills. We are excited to work with you!  If you have questions, contact Katie Strand ( 

How these lessons work together

We recommend using all three lessons together and in the following order: Evaluating Sources; Investigating a Topic; and Understanding & Using Synthesis. These lessons work best when the pre- and post-work is placed in Canvas and students are notified (given credit) for completing that work. We are happy to add things to Canvas for you - just let us know!

Library Day 2: "Investigating a Topic" for Face-to-Face Classes

Library Day 3: "Understanding & Using Synthesis" for Face-to-Face Classes

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