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HIST 1510: Tammy Proctor: 1968 Project Library Research Stages

Stage 1: Choosing Newspaper Articles (Due 2/7)

Conduct a search of the New York Times (historical) or London Times to generate a list of articles related to world history published on your own birthday (month/day) in 1968. To find the articles:

  • Click on one of the newspaper names above.
  • For the New York Times, choose the Advanced Search option. Where it says "publication date" select the month and day of your birthday and the year 1968 and where it says "document type" select "front page article."
  • For the London Times, select the "browse option" just below the image of the printed newspapers. Enter your birthday (month and day) and the year 1968 and click "view." Then click on the thumbnail to view the front page of the paper.
  • List your 10 articles using an appropriate citation style, preferably Chicago, but MLA is also okay.
  • For each article, provide a 1 sentence description of the article.
  • Put a ** next to the article you think is most interesting and around which you'd like to develop your larger project.

Stage 2: Analyzing Your Event (Due 2/25)

Using the article that you identified in Stage 1, run a new search in one of the historic newspapers listed in Stage 1 above. This time you will want to change the search criteria to include a broader date range (e.g. all of 1968) and search by a keyword using the topic of your article:

  • For the New York Times, go to the Advanced Search. Select "specific date range" under "publication date." Enter your range and add a keyword before clicking on search.
  • For the London Times, click on Advanced Search." In the "by publication date" search limiter, select between and enter your range. Then add a keyword and click on search.
  • Choose at least 5 to annotate for your bibliography.

Stage 3: Building Your Bibliography (Due 4/1)

Create a bibliography  for your paper including the peer reviewed secondary sources you plan to use. These are scholarly published books and scholarly journal articles that you will cite using Chicago or MLA style (see the links in Stage 1 above). You will need 5 secondary sources (books and journal articles).


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