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KIN 5430: Assignment Instructions


Annotated Bibliography Instructions

You are not writing a paper for this class. Instead, you are writing an annotated bibliography.

  • All sources are cited in APA style

  • All sources are scholarly and from a refereed journal

  • All sources are arranged alphabetically by author's last name

Paper specifics: 

  • Name should be top right of the page as a header at the one-inch mark (Name only please!) 
  • No title page
  • Double spaced
  • 12 point font
  • Font = Times New Roman 
  • Margins should be:
    • Top of page: 1.25  Bottom of page : 1.00
    • Right side of page: 1.00   Left side of page: 1.50​


Citation Example

Below is a bibliography organized alphabetically by the authors' last names. Any text that extends to the second line should be indented.


Gleaves, J., & Lehrbach, T. (2016). Beyond fairness: The ethics of inclusion for transgender and intersex athletes. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport43(2), 311–326. Retrieved from


(Bibliography would continue here - see example below for more details).

Annotation Example

                                                                                       Name (USU Student Name)

Anderson, R. E. (2003).  Relationship of physical activity and television watching with body weight and level of fatness among children.  Journal of the American Medical Association, 87, 234-245.  Retrieved from

Television is one key player in this issue.  Many children in the United States watch a great deal of television, more than any other country in the world. (Continue your summary of this article for one or two paragraphs).


Hamsom, U., Jordan, J., Martin, S., & Walters, J. (2005).  Athletic trainers and physical therapists' perceptions of psychological skills within sports injury rehabilitation programs. Journal of Athletic Training, 43, 258-264.  Retrieved from

Physical therapists and trainers have been looking at how to better prevent and rehabilitate athletic injuries.  (Continue your summary here also...)