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Latin and Greek Texts in Utah State's Special Collections: Home

All of SCA's Latin and Greek texts in one place! Search through the list of the materials of various topics and subjects written in Latin and Greek.


Have you ever wondered what ancient texts are in Utah State's Special Collections and Archives? There are a surprising number of Latin and Greek texts in Special Collections, and this guide provides two lists that will help researchers discover these amazing resources. For instance, Special Collections has a rare copy of an Adagia, different variations and copies of Virgil, and books of astrology with working volvelles like the Dariotus Redivivus.

Please note that these lists were compiled using language codes in the catalog record, but not all texts have these codes. If you find a text not on the spreadsheet, please reach out to and inform us so the list can be updated.

Utah State University's Latin Lab

Utah State has a wonderful resource to make these texts more accessible. The USU Classics program runs a Latin Lab where Latin texts are taken as submissions and translated by Professor Mark Damen and other Classics students. If assistance with reading a Latin text is desired, follow the link to the right to the Latin Lab's submission page.

Latin Lab Website

A selection from the Leaves of the Complutensian of Acalá

A leaf from the Complutensian of Acalá

ASL 220.4 H14

Libguide created by Luke Boardman,

Graduate Fellow at Special Collections & Archives