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Author's Rights: Home

A guide to your rights when publishing your research

Introduction to Author's Rights

Authors' rights refer to the legal rights that researchers and scholars have in relation to the work you create, such as research papers, articles, and other scholarly works. These rights include the right to:

  1. Control the distribution and dissemination of your work. This means the right to decide where, when, and how your work is published, and to ensure that it is widely and easily accessible to the public.
  2. Use and reuse your work. This means the right to use your work in your own teaching and research, as well as to reuse it in new projects and publications.
  3. Be acknowledged and credited for your work. This means the right to have your name and contribution acknowledged and credited in any use or reuse of your work.

In academia, authors' rights also include the right to choose the license under which your work is published, such as a Creative Commons license, which allows others to use and share your work under certain conditions, while ensuring you are credited and your work is protected.