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HIST 3000: History Research Methods: Quick Reference Sources



In addition to the print Reference works listed above, recent statistics are available from the Statistical Abstract of the United States (requires authentication).

Social Explorer will allow you to create infographics with U.S. Census data from 1790-2010.


Most maps in these collections are from the very early part of the twentieth century or earlier.  However, there are a number of more recent items included. USU Libraries also own several thousand maps.

Electronic Encyclopedias

Scholarly, specialized encyclopedias can help you get a quick overview of a topic or help you confirm facts. The following are a small sample of subject encyclopedias available online from the Library.  We have thousands of print and electronic reference works listed in the library catalog. 

You can search for subject encyclopedias on a specific topic in the library catalog by combining terms such as:

War AND encyclopedia
Environment? II AND encyclopedia
"American West" AND encyclopedia

Below are some examples demonstrating encyclopedias that address specific themes, time periods, and demographic groups.