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Research Sources for Counseling Students: Training Resources

Counseling Videos

All of these are available in Library Media Collections on the first floor of the library.

Title: The Art of helping: Attending skills (VHS)
Call No: AA0577                                                                  
 Title: The Art of helping: Helping Colleen (VHS)
Call No: AA0580                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping: helping Gil (VHS)
Call No: AA0578                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping:  helping  Rose (VHS)
Call No: AA0579                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping: helping Tyrone (VHS)
Call No: AA0576                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping: Initiating skills (VHS)
Call No: AA0574                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping: Overview skills (VHS)
Call No: AA0588                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping : Personalizing skills skills (VHS)
Call No: AA0589                                                                  
Title: The Art of helping: responding skills (VHS)
Call No: AA0575                                                                  
Title: Counseling skills (VHS)
Call No: AA1786                                                                  
Title: Gazda on groups: group counseling skills (VHS)
Call No: AA3811                                                                  
Title: Interviewing skills: a step-by-step microcounseling model skills (VHS)
Call No:AA3838                                                                  
Title: Psychotherapies skills (VHS)
Call No: AA2310

Title: Skills and techniques for group counseling with youth skills (VHS)
Call No: AA3781 PT.1  and AA3781 PT.2