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ITLS Brownbag: Author Profile/H-Index


Creating Author Profile in Scopus

Creating an author profile allows you to claim ownership of articles by consolidating profiles. 

1. Navigate to Scopus.

2. Conduct search for your name and affiliation using author tab. 

3. Select correct profile from list. 

4. Missing any articles? Need corrections to your profile? From the far right side of the page, above H-graph, select "Request Author Detail Corrections." 

5. Add your ORCID to your account to create consistency. 


What is an H-Index?

  • An h-index is the highest number of publications that were cited at least the same number of times. This is not unique to Scopus. 

How do you find your H-Index in Scopus? 

  1. Navigate to Scopus.
  2. Conduct an author search for your name. 
  3. Select the correct name from the list.
  4. Your h-index is listed at the top of the page beneath your name.