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Copyright Rules & Resources: Home

This guide will teach you all about copyright so you can manage your resources and write papers successfully.

What is copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive right of ownership for a limited period of time. This means no one else can copy or distribute a work without the copyright owner's permission. Directly copying someone's work, which includes paraphrasing or summarizing their ideas, is considered copyright infringement or plagiarism. 

How to deal with copyright


  • When using other people's work/research for your own, you will need to use citations to let people know where you got your ideas from. Click on the Citations tab to learn more about what citations are; how to read, use, and keep track of them.

Fair Use

  • Copyrighted work can be used without permission under certain circumstances. Click on the Fair Use tab to learn more.

Open Access

  • To read copyrighted material, you will have to pay to gain access. There are certain materials, called open access, that are free to use and don't have the same restrictions as regular copyrighted material. Click on the Open Access tab to learn more about these kinds of materials and where to find them for your personal use.

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