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Books: EBSCO and O'Reilly for Higher Education ebook collections: EBSCO

This guide explains how to search, navigate, and download ebooks from the EBSCO and O'Reilly for Higher Education book collections.

Searching and Browsing

The EBSCO ebook collection, which was previously called NetLibrary (and is still labeled as such in some locations), contains over 3,000 titles on various topics in the sciences and social sciences.  The titles are all included in our library's catalog, so you may discover a title on this platform when you are searching for ebooks on a certain topic. 

When you are searching for a particular title or subject and wish to limit your search to ebooks, perform an advanced search in Encore or the regular library catalog.  In Encore, limit the format to 'Electronic Book,' or limit the type to 'eBook' in the library catalog.

Encore format search    Catalog ebook type search


If you find a book that interests you and it happens to be in EBSCO, the record in Encore will look something like this:

EBSCO/NetLibrary Encore record

Click on the "NetLibrary Available online; click to view" link to read the book.  From the regular library catalog, you will not have an indication that your selected ebook is part of the EBSCO collection until you click the green 'Online Access' button to view the book.

Onlne access button in catalog


When accessing an ebook from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter you A-number and password.


When you access an EBSCO ebook, you will first see a screen displaying publication information and a table of contents.  You may use the links in the table of contents to view a particular chapter or section, or you can click on the 'eBook Full Text' button on the left side of the page to start viewing the book from the beginning.

EBSCO eBook Full Text button

Once you have entered the book, you may experience a problem with the display.  There have been technical difficulties with this platform and you may need to install a PDF-viewer plug-in for your browser.  The appropriate plug-in will vary depending on the browser and type of computer you are using.  The easiest way to find the plug-in that is right for your situation is to perform a Google search.  For example, search for 'PDF plug-in for Firefox on a PC,' or, 'PDF plug-in for Safari on a Mac.'

After resolving your plug-in issues (if you have any), you can navigate through the ebook using the right and left arrows or the page number box below the text, or you may click on the links in the table of contents menu to the left of the text.

EBSCO ebook navigation

Printing and Downloading

Our EBSCO ebooks are not available for full-text downloading.  To download or print portions of an ebook, click on the printer icon to the right of the text.  Then you will see the option to send your current page, current section, or specified page range to a PDF file, which you may then print.

EBSCO print button      EBSCO print to PDF

The number of pages you may download or print varies from title to title.

Mobile Devices

You may send any PDF files you download to a Kindle.  To do this, simply email it to the Kindle's email account.  The next time you sync your device, the file will appear.  If you don't know your Kindle email address, visit your Amazon account.  Under 'Digital Content', select 'Manage Your Kindle' and then 'Manage Your Devices'.

iPad users may choose to read EBSCO ebooks online using the Safari browser.