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JCOM 4030/6430 - Mass Media Law: Newspaper Resources


Finding Coverage

Find Newspaper Coverage

New York Times


Is the newspaper you want available in microfilm?

To access microfilm copies of your newspaper/magazine titles, go to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the library and ask for the newspaper/magazine title you want to see and the year and month you need.  

You can view the microfilm at one of the microfilm stations by the desk.  Some of the stations have capacity for printing and some of the stations have the capacity for printing and emailing digital copies of the articles you select.  The staff member at the desk can help you if you have any questions.

Los Angeles Times

Washington Post

Chicago Tribune

Wall Street Journal

Daily News (New York)

Atlanta Constitution

USA Today

Denver Post

Boston Globe

Find Historic Newspapers

Have a specific title in mind?

Here are a few options:

  1. U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-present Search by the title, place, press, language, ethnicity, etc..  Find which institutions have copies.  Remember most copies are microform, and not available online.
  2. Google Newspaper Archive
  3. List of online newspaper archives at Wikipedia
  4. List of newspapers currently printed in the United States at Wikipedia