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Libby eBooks and Audiobooks: Libby App

This is a brief guide to walk you through the process of using Libby eBooks and audiobooks on your iPad, Kindle, & other devices.

Meet Libby


Libby is the most current app released by OverDrive. It has a clean intuitive interface, and it is easy to access materials purchased by Utah State University as well as by your local library. As the most current app for OverDrive content we expect it to be more consistently updated than the classic app it is replacing.

You can download Libby on:

If you have a Windows computer, Mac computer, or a Chromebook, you can use Libby in your web browser at We suggest using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

Connecting App to USU Account

When you first log into Libby you will be asked if you want to link the app to a library card. To connect the app to Utah State University you will need connect the app to your account as if it were a traditional library card. A second screen will appear asking you how to find your library. If this is your first experience using Libby select "Search For A Library".

Libby App: Do you have a library card?

How would you like to find your library? Search for library.

You will then need to search for Utah State University.

Search for Utah State University

Once selected you will have the option to enter your account details or request a library card. As a student, staff, or faculty member you already have an account/library card associated with your A number. Select "Sign in with my card" to be directed to the USU single sign on page. 

Sign in with my card

Sign in via a secure website

Once you sign on with your A number and Banner password, your USU Libraries library card should be connected.

USU Libraries library card signed in.

You should now be able to search for ebooks and audiobooks, check them out, and return them all within the app!

Borrowing and Returning Items

To borrow an ebook or audiobook either search for a specific title or browse a category as you would in any library database. Select the desired item and click "Borrow". You can now read or listen to the ebook or audiobook.

If the material you want is unavailable you can also place a hold. You will be notified through a push notification or email that your item is ready for checkout.

When the due date of the checked out materials approaches you may get a notification letting you know you need to renew or return the book. If the due date arrives your materials will automatically be checked in, so you never have to worry about late fees. You can also choose to return items early if you are no longer using it. To return early select "Manage Loan" and "Return Early".