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Finding Magazine & Newspaper Articles: Home

Searching for Magazine and Newspaper Articles with Academic Search Ultimate

Searching Academic Search Ultimate

Academic Search Ultimate is a great database because it contains articles across multiple disciplines. 

When searching in ASU, or other databases, be sure to enter keywords instead of sentences. 

EBSCO search bar "Beyonce AND Feminism"

Narrowing Your Results to Magazines and Newspapers

Once you have entered your search terms and are on the results page look on the left-hand tab for "Source Types" and select Magazines and Newspapers. This will tell the database to only display these types of results. 

See info above. Magazines is the second option and Newspapers are the third.

Navigating Your Results List

Once you open an article you can learn more about it on the record page.

1. Source: This will tell you where the article was published

2. Subject Terms: Will tell you the main points of the article. You can use these as additional keywords for your searches.

3. Abstract: This provides a quick summary of the article.

Article selected on Academic Search Ultimate. See info above

Accessing the Article

  • In some cases, the article will have a PDF FullText or HTML FullText icon you can click on to get the article.

HTML full text                         PDF Full Text

  • In other cases, you will see the Article Linker icon. Click on Article Linker to see if the library has a subscription to the newspaper or journal in some other database or in print. 

Article Linker, Check for full text