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Naxos Music Library: Student playlists

Setting up your own playlists

You can create your own personal playlists in Naxos, but you need to set up a free individual account to do so.

1.   Start by accessing Naxos through the USU library link, then click "Playlists" on the left sidebar.

2.   Click "Student / Member Account Login / Sign up" at the top right.

screenshot showing the instructor playlists page with the log in / sign up link highlighted


3.   Enter the email and password you'd like to use for Naxos, then click "Sign up."

screenshot showing the account log in and sign up screen

4.  You can now create your own playlists! If you use the Naxos app, your playlists will appear there too.

The screenshot below shows what your playlist homepage will look like. You can create folders to keep your playlists organized. In this example, there's one folder called "Mobile App Test." In it, there's one playlist called "Chopin."

screenshot of the personal playlist page with an example folder

5.   Here's what the playlist "Chopin" looks like. You can see there are several tracks included in this playlist.

screenshot of a personal playlist example




Contact the USU music librarian or Naxos customer support with questions or technical problems.