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Resources for Racial Justice: Home

Statement of Purpose

This guide is intended to be a resource for our Utah State University community to better understand issues related to racial justice. This resource was developed in response to nationwide events in spring and summer of 2020. The hope is these resources will be used by USU community members for individual processing and growth, as well as in their teaching and learning.

We view this guide as a work in progress, and will continue to build the content to support deeper dives into these complex topics. We value your suggested resources to support our community learning. Please send us suggestions through this Qualtrics survey.

We acknowledge a reading list alone is not the solution, but resources such as these are a valuable starting point. For lists like these to be meaningful, the resulting learning must be translated into personal and collective action. For more about these ideas, see Lauren Michele Jackson’s article “What Is an Anti-Racist Reading List For?” (Vulture, 2020). Places to get involved at USU are listed on the “USU Resources” tab on this guide.

Places to Start

The resources on this guide will be reorganized as we add more content. For now, here are some places to start.




Other resources

Reading lists

Teaching and learning resources

History resources

Contribute to this Guide

This resource guide is neither exhaustive nor complete. The USU Libraries would like this to be an ongoing project that we create with the input of our USU community. If you would like to contribute a reading or a resource about antiracism, equity, diversity, and inclusion you have found powerful, please submit it via our Qualtrics recommendation form. You may choose to have your contribution remain anonymous or not.

We will review submissions on a regular basis. We will update this guide to include serious contributions that contribute to the intentions and purpose of this space.

If you have overall questions or comments about this guide please contact us at


This guide was inspired by the University of Washington’s “Recommended Reads for Equity” project and borrowed the title from its “Racial Justice Resources” page. We also used the USU Honors Program’s “Summer Listening, Viewing, and Reading Suggestions” collection as a model.

Statement of Solidarity

The USU Libraries condemns racism and violence against Black people and all people of color. Black Lives Matter. Read more here.

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