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Setting Up Off-Campus Preferences for Google Scholar: Home

This guide walks you through how to link yourGoogle Scholar account with USU.

Syncing Google Scholar with USU

Google Scholar is a great tool for academic research. However, often times its articles are behind a paywall. Link your Google Scholar account with USU to get access to articles that USU subscribes to!

Settings in Google Scholar for USU Resources

1. Open Google Scholar.

2. Click the three bars on the upper left hand corner and then click the Settings icon.

Google Scholar homepage, top left corner select the 3 horizontal lines to drop down the menu.

3. Next, click the Library Links link on the left side of the menu.

Top right corner of drop down menu, select settings icon and then library links under languages.

4. Here, type Utah State University and click search.

In library search bar type in your institution: Utah State University.

5. Check to make sure that "Utah State University - Full-Text @ Utah State" and "Utah State University - Proquest Fulltext" appear and the boxes are checked, then click save.

From options given from looking up USU listed below the search bar, select the option mentioned above.

6. After you run a search, on your results page you should see a link titled Full Text @ USU to the right of any articles for which the USU libraries has an electronic subscription. Clicking this link will take you a page with links to the full text and the option to enter your A number and banner password to gain access to the article.

Google Scholar search result. USU accessibility mentioned next to each source.