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SPED 5710: Teaching Young Children with Disabilities: Assignment


Identify a Question

Sample Topic:

What strategies can I use to help my autistic child communicate?

Questions to consider:

  • When does a child start….
  • What are the normal range of development of this skill?
  • What are strategies I can use to teach this skill?
  • How much time should I spend on this?
  • Are there wrong ways to teach this skill?
  • When should I worry if my child is not doing this yet?
  • What online sources can I access to learn more about this skill?

Response Paper Assignment

Purpose of assignment:

  1. Choose a disability to study.
  2. Identify the disability's impact on a child's development.
  3. Find relevant, credible and appropriate resources to share with families and professionals. 

Assignment must include:

  • A statement of the concern/question
  • Contextual information about when or why a parent would have that concern or question
  • An explanation of at least 3 facts or strategies related to the concern or question. Must be:
    • Evidence based practice
    • Written in jargon free terms that is easily understood by parents
  • A summary of the resources that may be available online or in the community for addressing the concern or question.
    • Include at least 3 resources (at least 1 scholarly and 1 web-based resource)
    • Resources should be evidence based 
    • The summary of resources should be written in jargon free terminolgoy