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Open Access in Teacher Education & Leadership (TEAL): Open Access Support

Open Access Journals in TEAL

USU Libraries Open Access Funding Initiative

USU Libraries demonstrates its commitment to the open access (OA) dissemination of research by awarding $30,000 annually to USU affiliated authors to help underwrite the costs of Article Processing Charges (APCs) in peer-reviewed, fully open journals.

The fund opens twice a year on January 1st and July 1st. Applications are accepted until all available funds are allocated.

Round 2 opened on January 1st 2023, and closed on January 9th, 2023. All funding for this round has been dispersed.

If you you would like to receive a notification when funding is available, please click here.

Award Conditions:

  • Awards are limited to 50% of an APC, up to a total award of $1500.
  • Awards are distributed on a first come, first served basis. Please apply the day the fund opens to increase your chances of receiving funding.
  • All USU faculty, students, and staff are eligible to apply. Authors who are not affiliated with USU will be prorated out of the final award amount.
  • USU faculty, students, and staff are limited to one award per fiscal year. USU affiliated authors listed on more than one application may be prorated out of the final award amount.
  • Only fully open journals are eligible for funding. Hybrids journals (journals that publish both open and subscription content) do not qualify. If the journal is suspected by our committee of being a deceptive or predatory publication, your funding application may be denied.
  • Applicants must identify the source of matching funds (department, college, grant F&A, other).
  • Successful applicants must deposit a copy of the published article in the USU institutional repository.
  • Awards cannot be applied retroactively to invoices that have already been paid.
  • Awards must be spent by June 1st of the fiscal year in which they were awarded. Awards that are not spent by this date will be forfeit and reallocated.


Does my article need to be accepted before I can apply for an award?

No. Your article does not need to be submitted or accepted before you apply. However, please keep in mind that some journals have long publication timelines, and awards must be spent before June 1st of the fiscal year in which they are awarded.

Does the award also cover other publishing costs, like page charges and color figure charges?

No. The award may only be applied to Article Processing Charges.

I have already paid the APC for my publication. Can I still apply?

Awards are paid by invoice directly to the publisher. We cannot reimburse you retroactively if you have already paid an APC.

I want to apply for an award but the fund is closed. What do I do now?

USU Libraries understands better than many the challenges associated with financially supporting open access publishing. Please consider writing a letter your department head or dean advocating that more funding be allocated to support open access publishing.

I don't know if the journal I want to publish in qualifies for funding. How can I find out?

Please email with the title of the journal and a link to the journal website, and we will determine if the journal qualifies for funding.

Green Open Access

Utah State University (USU) is committed to the open access (OA) dissemination of research. Because USU recognizes the important role fully open access journals play in the changing landscape of scholarly communication, as well as the economic realities authors face in choosing to make their works fully OA, there are a number of channels for economic support of OA publishing. In addition, the USU Faculty Senate passed an OA policy in  2012; Policy 586, “Open Access to Scholarly Articles” ensures that authors retain some copyright to their articles published in traditional journals.

Faculty Start-Up Funds

Office of Research new faculty start-up funding may be reallocated to provide funds for open access publishing. If you would like to reallocate some of your budget, please submit a request to Branden Blanchard at The Office of Research strongly suggests that all faculty work through the USU Libraries to ensure that funds are used in the most efficient way possible when publishing open access.

Grant Funds

You may write publication costs into a proposal budget when applying for grants. If publication costs were included in the proposal budget and detailed in the proposal budget justification, you may request from the sponsor a no-cost extension so that grant funds will cover publication fees after the main grant period—but a no-cost extension is not guaranteed.

Read & Publish Agreements and APC Discounts


Any USU author can make any new conference proceedings or journal article Open Access through our agreement with ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). You must be the corresponding author and use your email address when submitting the article. When an article is accepted, authors will receive an email with information about selecting article licensing (e.g., several Creative Commons options). For more information, see ACM’s Open Access page for authors. See ACM’s Publications page for links to lists of their conference proceedings, journals, and magazines.

Our agreement with ACM ends in December 2023, after which we will renegotiate our publishing terms. However, ACM is moving to a fully Open Access publishing model, so this option is likely to continue to be available after that point.

Cambridge University Press

You can publish your article Open Access—at no cost to you—in any Cambridge University Press journal (gold or hybrid OA). In order to take advantage of our agreement, you must be listed as a corresponding author and give USU as an affiliation, and the article must be a research article, review article, rapid communication, brief report, or case report. If the article is accepted, you will fill out documentation where you can select a Creative Commons license. Visit the Cambridge University OA agreement page for more information.

Our agreement for unlimited OA publishing with Cambridge ends in December 2023, after which the terms are likely to be renegotiated.


USU maintains a membership in MDPI's institutional Open Access program. This membership guarantees authors a 10% discount on article processing charges (APCs). A complete list of MDPI journals and their APCs can be found at corresponding author must be USU affiliated in order to receive the discount. MDPI verifies membership/discount eligibility at the time of submission based on email address.

Membership is reviewed on an annual basis.

Royal Society

Authors affiliated with USU receive a 25% discount on the article processing charge for publishing in any Royal Society journal. Visit the Royal Society website for a full list of journals. Authors who select an Open Access option at the time of submission will be directed to a list of member institutions to identify their affiliation. 

This agreement will be reviewed in June 2022.

Taylor & Francis

USU has a limited deposit available with Taylor & Francis for open access publishing. Authors may choose any Taylor & Francis (or Routledge) gold OA journal to take advantage of these funds. You must be listed as a corresponding author, and the Library verifies the author’s affiliation with USU. Visit the Taylor & Francis open access member page for more information. Click here to view the list of journals covered by this agreement.

If funds are depleted, it is unlikely that they will be restored until the next year’s deposit is made (around January). The current agreement ends in December 2025, after which the arrangement may or may not continue.