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English 1010 USU Concurrent Enrollment: Cite

[ENGL|1010|Jayne Mecham/Wayne McConkie/Kent Templeton/Lonnie Kay/Jennifer Clyde/Mark Wirthlin/Kimberly Hales/Marty Reeder/Samantha Andrus-Henry/Terry Linares/Heather Staten/Kienan Hamm/Tessa Kunz/Darren Perkes/Jason Olsen/Bert Sainsbury/Amber Bowden]

MLA: Getting Started

As you're researching, get in the habit of writing down as much information as you can while you are first looking at a source in case you need to find it again.  Not sure what to include?  Some good choices include:

  • Author and/or editor names
  • Title of the work
  • Publication information
  • Date of publication
  • URL and/or the database name
  • Date you accessed an electronic document

This class usually uses the MLA style, but use whichever style your teacher recommends. For additional help with MLA, visit the MLA style guides below.  

In MLA style, this book would be cited this way:

Kidd, Sue Monk. The Secret Life of Bees. New York: Viking, 2002. Print.

Citing Sources in MLA Style

Automatically Creating Citations in Library Article Collections

Many article search engines, plus some e-books, will automatically create citations.

Look for a "Cite This" or "Citation" button on the record for the article or chapter you are viewing.

EbscoHost databases
(Academic Search Premier, etc.)  
Proquest databases
(Newsstand, etc.)


Databases also often allow you to email yourself citations along with the article.  Go to this page to find out lots more about citing, including how to automatically create citations in the databases or in Word.