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ICPSR Finding and Using Data: Creating an ICPSR Account

The Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research is a depository of datasets for use in secondary data analysis

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Off-Campus Access

The first time you create an account, you need to be logged into a computer with a USU IP Address range. After you have created your account, you will have access to ICPSR Data for 6 months. After six months, simply login again from campus to re-authorize for the next six months.

Creating an Account


Access to ICPSR is limited to current students, faculty and staff at Vanderbilt.  For access to datasets you will need to create an ICPSR account from a campus computer.  Click this link to the ICPSR home page and click the "Create an Account" link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Once you have created the account from a computer on campus you will be able to login from any computer to access your account and the datasets available from ICPSR.

To begin a project involving data analysis, you will first need to search for a dataset to answer your research questions. Then you can download the dataset and run a simple statistical procedure(*) on your own computer with your own software, or you can use the online data analysis system for a selection of the ICPSR datasets available on our site.

* You will need basic statistical skills for using the online analysis system and more advanced skills for running your own analysis, although SAS, SPSS, AND Stata setup files are provided with many ICPSR datasets.