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Library Resources for USU Dietetics Internship: Getting Started

Thinking backwards

Here is a productive way to approach the literature research process:

1. Start with a clear idea of the product you need to end up with.  For example, a 10-15 page research article on a controversial topic in Medical Nutrition Therapy.

2. Come up with a list of things you will need to investigate in order to be able to do your assignment. 

3.  Develop a list of questions that will help you research that information.

4. Pick keywords from those questions to use as search terms.

5.  Select an appropriate place to find the information.

6.  Search for and retrieve information.

7. Read and analyze information.

Only then are you ready to start writing.  Keep in mind that you may have to revise some of your questions and repeat some of these steps along the way.


Connecting from Off-Campus

If you're using a computer off campus, you need to "prove" that you are affiliated with Utah State by logging into EZProxy with your A-number and password in order to connect to library databases (e-journals, e-books, ect).

Help for Statewide Campus/Online Students

As a USU Statewide or Online student, you can access all of the library's databases, articles, and e-books from home or anywhere with Internet. To access library resources from the USU Libraries website, a research guide (like this!), or your Canvas course, you will be prompted to enter your A number and password. For more information on how to order physical books, get research help, and other time-saving tips, visit the Library Services for Statewide and Online Users website.