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PSY 6330: Principles of Psychological Measurement and Test Theory: Critiquing Tests


Evaluating Tests and Measures

Discovering Tests and Measures

Finding Reviews of Tests

Searching for Relevant Scholarly Articles

You can use a variety of databases to find articles that discuss aspects of a test.  

Check PsycINFO first and then explore other databases (especially ERIC if your test is Education related).

When searching, try entering the name of the test or its acronym and pairing your search with what you're looking for (test review, validity, reliability, etc.).

Reference Books

Online Resource:

Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment
May help in putting your test in perspective.

APA Ebooks

A searchable collection of APA books. Try searching by topic or by the name of a test and then most of the results will be relevant book chapters.

At the Merrill-Cazier Library in Logan:

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment
REF BF 176.C654 2004
Contains ten to twenty-page articles on some of the major tests.

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business
REF BF 176 .T43 2003
Contains short entries on over 3,000 popular tests grouped by what's measured, such as 'intelligence,' with information under the following headings: population, purpose, description format, scoring and cost.