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SPED 7820: Zotero

Systematic Reviews & Zotero

Here are some tips for using Zotero to conduct systematic reviews.

1. Create a new folder for your systematic review. (You can create a shared folder with teammates if necessary)

2. Create sub folders for the major databases you plan to search - plus any other venues, including hand-searching journals.


3. As you search add items to the folders using the Zotero plug-in for your browser. 

4. De-duplicate results and merge articles into one subfolder titles "Title/Abstract Review". Double check to ensure no duplicates. 

5. Read through the article's abstracts and titles to make preliminary decisions about whether titles meet your exclusion/inclusion criteria - add desired articles to a sub-folder titled "Full-Text Review."


6. Identify which articles do not have a full-text article available within Zotero and request these materials, free to you, through Interlibrary Loan. 

Pro Tip: When adding materials to Zotero whenever possible utilize the "Article Linker" button to access full-text and THEN add them to your Zotero folder. If you add from the indexed record this will not provide a link to the full-text which will make your life more difficult later oen!