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CMST 4330: Jason Gilmore: NexisUni Search Tips

[CMST|4330|Jason Gilmore]

Limit your results to articles from a specific region/country

1. Enter your search words in the main search box on the Nexis Uni home page and click the search icon. The "Guided Search" should be set to News by default.

Image of sample search in Nexis Uni main search box


2. Click Location by Publication on the left side of the search results page

Image of the Search by Location link


3. Click More in the Location by Publication list.

Image of More option on left side of search results page


4. Click International.

Image of International link in Locaiton by Publication


5. Click More and choose a relevant region.

List of International regions in Nexis Uni

6. Review filtered results or choose a relevant country.

list of countries by region




Find a specific newspaper or magazine

1. On Nexis Uni main search page, within Guided Search choose A Publication.

Image of A Publication option on main search page

2. Type the title of the magazine or newspaper in the Find Publication box and choose the relevant magazine/newspaper from the drop-down list.

Image of Find Publication text box

3. Enter your search words in the Search for something specific box.

Image of search box within Publication search

4. Click Search and reivew the list of results for articles matching your search term within your chosen publication (in this case, a search for Syrian refugees within The Guardian).

image of results of a publication search

Search for articles with keywords near each other in the article

Enter your search words with /n between the words, where "n" is the maximum number of words that can be separating your search terms.

In the example below, the word "Syrian" must appear within 3 words of the word "refugees" in order for an article to be returned with this search:

image of /3 example of proximity word search