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HDFS 1500: Amand Hardiman: Key Resources

[HDFS|1500|Amand Hardiman]

APA PowerPoint: Corrected Citations

Theories & Biographical Information: Find Books

This assignment asks you to gather sources that provide evidence and support for the following three major elements of your paper:

  • Describe the theory (Discuss the important elements of the theory) 
  • Include a concise biography of the theorist who developed the theory
  • Describe important critiques or gaps in the theory or theorist 

Books will be particularly useful to learn the basic elements of theories, how they were developed, and who developed them. They will also often contain biographical information on the theorist. Depending on how notorious the theorist, there may be entire books just focusing on biographical information. Try searches that combine your concepts by using the term AND if you want to see both your concepts together or OR if you want to see either concept in your search, like this: 

  • Attachment Theory OR Bowlby

Your search will retrieve any results that mention either the theorist (Bowlby) or the theory (Attachment). 

If you want to see primary sources, you could search for the theorist as the author, l like this:

This search will retrieve books and media written by Piaget himself.


Need a book we don't own?

Use interlibrary loan to request books, articles, and more from other libraries.

Critiquing Theories: Find Articles

Articles will be particularly useful in finding various critiques of your theory and theorist. You may need to try multiple databases; typically, article databases produce a lot more results than the library catalog. You can use the same strategy above to combine concepts together using the term AND, like this:

  • Skinner AND Operant Conditioning


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Need the PDF/full-text?

Use Article Linker to search for full-text across all databases. If the article isn't available, choose Request via ILLiad or use interlibrary loan to request a copy from another library.