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History 3000, Clayton Brown: Home

General Tips

This guide is intended to be used with both the Library Research modules of the class. The first three tabs include tutorials for locating secondary source materials and the final tab includes a tutorial on using our library website to locate primary source collections.  A few reminders:

  1. Full disclosure--library research is messy and our tools aren't always user friendly.  One of my favorite parts of my job is working with students to learn to use the tools or to track down sources.  Please just shoot me an email the minute you hit a roadblock.
  2. While our goal is to provide Logan campus and regional campus students with the same library experience, not everything can be the same.  This is particularly the case with regard to physical materials, which you may need to identify earlier so that we can get them shipped to you (and perhaps even shipped to us first).  Please plan ahead for inevitable delays.
  3. This class is preparing you for your capstone.  The more work you put into learning how to use the research tools at your disposal now, the easier your capstone class will be.
  4. Good luck!  You are on your way to joining the history profession and, while you will be put through your paces, it will be an amazing experience.