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Outdoor Recreation Archive: Periodicals

USU Special Collections and Archives materials related to outdoor gear and outdoor recreation.

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                Outdoor Recreation Catalogs and Magazines


Utah State University (USU) Libraries’ Outdoor Recreation Magazines collection represents an ongoing effort to collect outdoor recreation publications. Within this guide you can browse and search records of more than 3,500 issues from nearly 80 titles, from widely circulated magazines to internal company newsletters.

There are two ways to search the Outdoor Recreation Magazines collection: the inventory spreadsheet and the digital exhibit.

Inventory Spreadsheet

This inventory spreadsheet is the most up-to-date record of the collection. You can filter, search, and sort all catalogs in the collection by title and issue.

If you want to come to Special Collections to view a specific magazine, you'll need the collection number (Book Collection 72a for all magazines), the title (located in the first column) and the issue (located in the second column).


Digital Exhibit

In the digital exhibit, you can browse cover images of some magazines in the collection, organized by title. However, because of the additional time required to digitize the covers and upload them to the website, the exhibit does not include many of the most recent additions to the collection.  

If you want to come to Special Collections to view a specific catalog, take note of the book collection number, title, and issue, located under the "source" heading on the item page.

Click here to visit the Outdoor Recreation Magazines digital exhibit.