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WILD: Research in Wildland Resources: Websites & Government Info


Government Resources - State

Government Resources - Federal

  • Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program: this program provides the information needed to assess America's forests.
  • i - Tree: a peer-reviewed software suite run through the USDA Forest Service that provides urban forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools. 
  • Use this as a gateway to science research provided by the U.S. government. 
  • United States EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency maintains an enormous amount of information on everything from ecosystems to laws and regulations. This site is extremely easy to use. 
  • USDA: U.S. Forest Service: This agency manages the 155 national forests and the 20 national grasslands in the United States. There are three major divisions including National Forest System, State and Private Forestry and the Research and Development branch (which are accessible on the very bottom on the webpage) 
  • USDA: Natural Resources Conservation Service: This division provides farmers and ranchers with assistance to voluntarily put conservation on the ground. 


Global Forest Watch

  • An interactive, online forest monitoring and alert system that helps communities everywhere better manage forests. 

Great Basin Consortium

  • The GBC wishes to bring together research and management organizations to collaborate on science and natural resource management in the Great Basin

Rangeland West:

  • An online resource about rangelands in the Western U.S. 

‚ÄčSagebrush Steppe Treatment:

  • SageSTEP is a long-term multidisciplinary experiment to evaluate methods of sagebrush steep restoration in the Great Basin

Society for Range Management:

  • A professional society dedicated to supporting people who work with rangelands. 


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