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Higher Education Resources for Faculty: General Titles

This guide was created to provide resources relating to teaching in higher education.

General and Cross Disciplinary Book Titles in Higher Education

LB 2331.72 .A246 2008
Academic cultures : professional preparation and the teaching life
  Murphy, Sean P., 1970-


LB 1779 .A33 2004
Addressing faculty and student classroom improprieties
  Braxton, John M.


LB 1778.2 .L96 1999
The adjunct professor's guide to success : surviving and thriving in the college classroom
  Lyons, Richard E., 1946-


LB 2331 .A649 2005
The art of college teaching : 28 takes
  Kallet, Marilyn, 1946-


LB 2331 .A648 2001
The art and politics of college teaching : a practical guide for the beginning professor  2nd ed.
  Hostetler, Karl D., 1954-


LB 2331.7 .K65 2002
Being a teacher in higher education
  Knight, Peter, 1950-


LB 2361.5 .S77 2006
Benefits of model syllabi
  Strada, Michael J.


LB 2368 .B49 2007
Beyond tests and quizzes : creative assessments in the college classroom  1st ed.
  Mezeske, Richard J.


LB 2366 .B85 2002
Building a scholarship of assessment  1st ed.
  Banta, Trudy W.


LB 2332.3 .C38 1998
Career strategies for women in academe : arming Athena
  Collins, Lynn H.


LB 2332.32 .P45 2008
Challenges of the faculty career for women : success and sacrifice  1st ed.
  Philipsen, Maike.


LB 2331 .C52332 1999
The Chicago handbook for teachers : a practical guide to the college classroom
  Brinkley, Alan


LC 1091 .C5289 2000
Civic responsibility and higher education
  Ehrlich, Thomas, 1934-

LB2822.75 .A54 1993
Classroom assessment techniques : a handbook for college teachers  2nd ed.
  Angelo, Thomas A., 1954-


LB1032 .B318 2005
Collaborative learning techniques : a handbook for college faculty  1st ed.
  Barkley, Elizabeth F.


LB 2331 .C575 2005
College teaching
  Ralph, Edwin George, 1944-


H 62 .C584824 2004
The compleat academic : a career guide  2nd ed.
  Darley, John M.


LB 2395.35 .P53 2000
Critical thinking : a casebook
  Picciotto, Madeleine


LB 2331 .B55 2009
Developing learner-centered teaching : a practical guide for faculty
  Blumberg, Phyllis, 1933-


LB 2331 .R35 2003
Effective college teaching : fresh insights and exemplary practices
  Ralph, Edwin George, 1944-



LB 2331 .B378 2003
Effective teaching with technology in higher education : foundations for success  1st ed.
  Bates, Tony, 1939-


LB 2331 .E925 2006
Excellent university teaching
  Kember, David.


LB 1778.2 .F32 2001
Faculty work in schools of education : rethinking roles and rewards for the twenty-first century
  Tierney, William G.

LC5219 .P73 1998
Five perspectives on teaching in adult and higher education  Original ed.
  Pratt, Daniel D., 1942-


A handbook for teaching and learning in higher education [electronic resource] : enhancing academic practice  3rd ed.
  Fry, Heather.  (Electronic Resource)


LB 2326.3 .A48 2001
Higher education : a worldwide inventory of centers and programs
  Altbach, Philip G.


LB 2369 .P388 2005
How to examine a thesis
  Pearce, Lynne


LB 2331 .I336 2007
Ideas that work in college teaching


LB 1707 .I52 2002
Improving teacher education practices through self-study
  Loughran, J. John


LB 2331 .G665 2009
Inclusion and diversity : meeting the needs of all students
  Grace, Sue.


LB 2331 .S28 2007
Inquiry into the college classroom : a journey toward scholarly teaching
  Savory, Paul.


LB 2322.2 .I88 2005
Issues in higher education
  Nata, R.


LB 2331 .F493 2005
The joy of teaching : a practical guide for new college instructors
  Filene, Peter G.


LB 2331 .H83 2000
Learner-centered assessment on college campuses : shifting the focus from teaching to learning
  Huba, Mary E.


LB 2331 .W39 2002
Learner-centered teaching : five key changes to practice  1st ed.
  Weimer, Maryellen, 1947-


LB 1060 .M465 2000
Learning that lasts : integrating learning, development, and performance in college and beyond  1st ed.
  Mentkowski, Marcia


LC 1099 .L419 2007
Learning and teaching across cultures in higher education
  Palfreyman, David, 1964-


LB 2331 .M394 2006
McKeachie's teaching tips : strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers  12th ed.
  McKeachie, Wilbert James, 1921-


LB 1044.87 .O45 2000
The online teaching guide : a handbook of attitudes, strategies, and techniques for the virtual classroom
  White, Ken W.


LA 227.4 .A98 1998
The pleasures of academe : a celebration & defense of higher education
  Axtell, James


LB1779 .L45 1997
Poisoning the ivy : the seven deadly sins and other vices of higher education in America
  Lewis, Michael, 1937 Oct. 2-


LB 2331 .S345 1998
Proclaiming and sustaining excellence : assessment as a faculty role
  Schilling, Karen Maitland


LB 2331 .F632 2003
The professor's guide to teaching : psychological principles and practices  1st ed.
  Forsyth, Donelson R., 1953-


LB 1031 .P78 2002
Promoting the success of individual learners : teachers applying their craft at the undergraduate level
  Porter, Jeffrey Edward


LB 2331 .Q532 2004
Quick hits for new faculty : successful strategies by award-winning teachers
  Cordell, Rosanne M.


LB 2361.5 .R437 2001
Reinventing ourselves : interdisciplinary education, collaborative learning, and experimentation in higher education
  Smith, Barbara Leigh


LB 2326.3 .R49 2003
Reshaping teaching in higher education : linking teaching with research
  Jenkins, Alan, 1940-


LB 2331 .L27 2002
Rethinking university teaching : a conversational framework for the effective use of learning technologies  2nd ed.
  Laurillard, Diana, 1948-


LB 2326.3 .S37 2004
The scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education : contributions of research universities
  Becker, William E.


LC 4818.38 .P75 2007
Support for learning differences in higher education : the essential practitioners' manual
  Price, Geraldine.

LB 2342.92 .B34 2010
Student engagement techniques : a handbook for college faculty
  Barkley, Elizabeth F.


LB 2331 .T315 2002
Teacher thinking, beliefs, and knowledge in higher education
  ·Ha·tivah, Nirah


LA 635 .D59 2005
Teaching 14-19 : everything you need to know about learning and teaching across the phases
  Donovan, Georgina.


LB 2331 .B48 2000
Teaching alone, teaching together : transforming the structure of teams for teaching  1st ed.
  Bess, James L.


LB 2331 .M66 2007
Teaching at college and university : effective strategies and key principles
  Moore, Sarah.


LB 2305 .S58 2004
Teaching as community property : essays on higher education  1st ed.
  Shulman, Lee S.


LB 2331 .E76 2006
Teaching first-year college students  Rev. and expanded ed.
  Erickson, Bette LaSere, 1945-


LB 2331 .C336 1998
Teaching large classes : tools and strategies
  Carbone, Elisa Lynn


LB 2331 .H47 2007
Teaching the large college class : a guidebook for instructors with multitudes  1st ed.
  Heppner, Frank H.


LB 2331 .T416 2007
Teaching, learning, assessing : a guide for effective teaching at college and university
  Smith, Kara, 1967-


LB 2395.7 .K6 2001
Teaching online : a practical guide
  Ko, Susan Schor


LB 2335.7 .S55 2001
Teaching for tenure and beyond : strategies for maximizing your student ratings
  Silverman, Franklin H., 1933-


LB 2335.4 .M67 2005
Teaching at university : a guide for postgraduates and researchers
  Morss, Kate.


LB 2331 .L48 2008
Teaching your first college class : a practical guide for new faculty and graduate student instructors  1st ed.
  Lieberg, Carolyn S.

LB 2361 .U55 2009
The university and its disciplines : teaching and learning within and beyond disciplinary boundares
  Kreber, Carolin.

LB 2331 .U757 2005
University teaching : a reference guide for graduate students and faculty  2nd ed.
  Tice, Stacey Lane

LB 1029 .S53 H48 2002
Using simulations to promote learning in higher education : an introduction  1st ed.
  Hertel, John P., 1948-


LB 2395.7 .C59 2005
Using technology in teaching
  Clyde, William.


LB 1778.2 .G73 2008
What they didn't teach you in graduate school : 199 helpful hints for success in your academic career  1st ed.
  Gray, Paul, 1930-