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Higher Education Resources for Faculty: Engineering

This guide was created to provide resources relating to teaching in higher education.

Book Titles in Teaching Engineering


T 65 .G17 2008
The 21st-century engineer : a proposal for engineering education reform
  Galloway, Patricia D.

T 65 .W67 2000
Educating the engineer for the 21st century : proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Global Engineering Education
  Workshop on Global Engineering Education (3rd : 2000 : Aachen University of Technology)

T 73 .E37 2005
Educating the engineer of 2020 : adapting engineering education to the new century
  National Academy of Engineering

T 65 .E355 2009
Educating engineers : designing for the future of the field  1st ed.
  Sheppard, S. (Sheri)

T 49 .E46 2004
Effective learning and teaching in engineering
  Baillie, Caroline.


T 65.3 .W56 2007
The effects of classroom-based active learning strategies on student perception and performance in an engineering statics course
  Wetzel, Letizia R. (Letizia Ruth)


T 65.3 .C48 2006
Engineering education as a lifestyle : a student's perspective
  Chudzik, Rafal.


T 65.3 .H49 2005
Engineering education : research and development in curriculum and instruction
  Heywood, John, 1930-


T 73 .E473 2005
Engineering in a land-grant context : the past, present, and future of an idea
  Marcus, Alan I, 1949-


T 65.3 .E53 2008
Engineering : women and leadership
  Zoli, Corri.


TD157.4.G7 I54 1996
Environmental engineering education and training
  International Conference on Environmental Engineering Education and Training (1st : 1996 : Southampton, England)


QH 442 .F525 2002
Genetic engineering : Christian values and Catholic teaching
  Flaman, Paul


T 65.3 .I48 2005
Innovations 2005 : world innovations in engineering education and research
  Aung, W.


LB 1044.87 .I66 2007
Innovations in e-learning, instruction technology, assessment, and engineering education
  Iskander, Magued.


T 65.3 .R88 2007
Interests and attitudes of engineering students
  Rutherford, Brian.


T 62 .R43 2005
Research and practice of active learning in engineering education
  Graaff, Erik de


T 65.3 .R48 2007
Rethinking engineering education : the CDIO approach
  Crawley, Edward F.


HD 9980.5 .S37 2008
Service science, management and engineering : education for the 21st century
  Hefley, William E.


QA 76.758 .S646254 2009
Software engineering : effective teaching and learning approaches and practices
  Ellis, Heidi J. C.


Q 181 .K25 2007
Successful science and engineering teaching in colleges and universities
  Kalman, C. S. (Calvin S.)


Q149.U5 R45 1997
Tomorrow's professor : preparing for academic careers in science and engineering
  Reis, Richard M., 1941-