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Math and Statistics: Gathering Information


Open Access

Open access database with over 911,000 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics.

Electronic Journals @ USU

What if we don't own it?

Did you find something you need that we don't own?  You can request that we borrow it from another library.  Just login to your Inter-library services account with your A# and password to request it.

Book Discovery


  • Discovery Search
    • Use the  Discovery Search link to find books AND articles from databases such as Ebsco, Science Direct, ProQuest, and JStor.  NOTE:  look for the "Articles" link at the top of the results page and click it to see the article results.


  • O’Reilly for Higher Education (was Safari Books Online):
    • The update Safari database has ben re-branded as O’Reilly for Higher Education and has a small but adequate collection of mathematics and statistics related books plus mathematical software guides. Great source for current books.  Access using your USU email address but for added features and access, create a user account. 
  • ProQuest eBook Central:
    • A surprisingly good array of math and statistics eBooks. Once at the website you can narrow your search results within the default search or start a new search.
  • EbscoHost - eBook Collection:
    • Fair amount of math/stats guide books for SAS or SPSS, how-to books by Schaum's and Cliff Notes. Whether you need to brush up or learn more about a math/stats topic, this could be the best resource.
  • EBL:

    • Over 600 eBook titles available covering a range of math and statistics topic.

Search Engines:

  • Wolfram|Alpha:
    • An excellent discovery tool for math, statistics and well, just about any scientific query you might want to pursue. Find articles on mathematicians, theorems, formulas, or use Wofram|Alpha to solve problems. 
    • Be sure to check the "More Information" and "Sources" links at the end of articles. 
  • SageMathCloud:
    • ​​New collaborative math tool from Google and NSF.
    • Supports SageMath, R, IPython and uses LaTeX and IPython notebooks.

Online Journals

Online Journals:

  • American Mathematical Society (AMS) Journals:
    • This database provides access to the latest peer-reviewed journals in mathematics from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The site can be used to search, browse, and print articles for specific disciplines or for general-purpose mathematics research. 
  • Project Euclid
    • This database provides access to over 20 full-text, searchable journals in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.
  • SIAM Journls:
    • SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) publishes 16 peer-reviewed research journals and USU has full online access to each.
  • Springer Math & Stats Journals:
    • Springer publishes 263 journals in Mathematics and the Merrill-Cazier library has access to most of the current issues through joint purchase with the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA). Users can search across all Mathematics journals for topics of interest. 
  • Elsevier - Science Direct Online Journals:
    • Elsevier,  a leading publisher in the sciences is a great resource for journals and journal articles. Merrill-Cazier Library has access to most of the current issues through the Science Direct Freedom Collection.

Citation Databases


  • MathSciNet:
    • MathSciNet is a collection of international literature on mathematics and statistics. The database indexes reviews of more than 119,000 online articles in over 190 journals.  Citation data for journals, authors, articles and reviews is also provided.
  • Scopus:
    • Similar to Web of Science but drawing from a different pool of journals. Citation and abstracting covering over 19,000 journals.
  • Digital Dissertations:
    •  Search this database to located theses and dissertations from North American and many European universities.
  • Google Scholar: 
    • Google Scholar searches very broadly across the literature, but utilize the advanced search features to hone your searching. Google Scholar offers a "cited by" feature, similar to what Web of Science, but the two cannot be compared side by side due to differences in indexing practices.