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ELED 4030: Gathering Information

[ELED|4030|Marla Robertson]

What if we don't own it?

Did you find something you need that we don't own?  You can request that we borrow it from another library.  Just login to your Inter-library services account to request it.

Finding Books

You can search by authors, titles of books, and topics.  For example, you might try the following:

  • Gallagher, Kelly
  • Teaching writing and science
  • Writing instruction and mathematics

Practitioner Journals

Key Databases in Education

Once you have found some background information on your topic, either in education encyclopedias or other books you found in the library catalog, databases are great place to find articles relating to your topic.  Here is a list of the databases in education that I recommend the most often.

Try keywords like teaching writing and elementary education