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SW 6595: Research & Policy: Policy & Legislation


E-books from USU Libraries

State-level resources

Utah's Custom Report Builder allows you to combine and download information about bills introduced, considered, and passed in the Utah State Legislature from 1997 to the current session.


For more information about finding information from the Utah Legislature, see this guide.

National-level resources

For help understanding the federal legislative process, check out this guide and graphic.

This short video discusses federal regulations, including how to distinguish between the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.


For help researching federal legislation using, here's a video from another library walking you through the steps. You can also consult Congress' online search tools.


Want more tips for policy and legal research? Check out these guides:

Policy research guides from other libraries

The following guides have additional strategies for how to stay current with (and research) policy and legislation from a social work perspective: