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ENGL 2010 John Engler: Finding Multimedia Sources

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Multimedia Resources

We couldn't possibly list every resource available for finding multimedia resources for use in your documentary project, but this guide will give you some reliable places to start. If you need help finding something specific, reach out to one of your friendly class librarians!

A Note About Copyright

You may have heard of the concept of fair use, which allows copyrighted materials to be used for educational purposes. However there are some restrictions to fair use and it can get complicated. Make it easier on yourself by searching for materials under a Creative Commons (CC) license, content that is in the public domain, or materials that you made yourself or you have been given permission to use.
Information about the different types of Creative Commons licenses is available at the Creative Commons website. If you have questions about copyright, public domain, or Creative Commons attributions, reach out to a class librarian.

Find Images, Audio, & Video

Find Royalty-free Music