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SW: Research in Social Work: Articles


Top article databases

These databases are often the best starting point for any topic in Social Work. PsycINFO is helpful for those with a clinical focus.

Specialized article databases

These databases have a more specific focus and can help you deepen your literature search. For example, those interested in school social work might benefit from exploring the educational literature collected in ERIC or Education Source.

Reading strategies


Need strategies for reading academic journal articles?

Use this reading guide from the library to help you understand the major sections of academic articles and develop strategies for quickly understanding them. Or check out the handout linked below for more details.

What if we don't own it?

Did you find something you need that we don't own? You can request it from another library, whether it's an article scan or a book.
Just login to your inter-library services account with your A# and password to make your request.


According to PLOS, meta-research is "the scientific study of research emerging field that aims to characterize existing standards and ultimately improve the quality and reliability of scientific research." Learn about methods, reporting, bias, reproducibility, evaluation, and policy from this curated PLOS collection of meta-research articles.